Located on Molesworth St. 

Wellness and self-care with a touch of glamour, and a lot of indulgence.

We  pride ourselves on our caring approach, stringent hygiene practices and appreciation of quality.

We believe that you deserve guilt-free indulgence.



Wellington Glamour is an elegant, boutique style salon with a day spa feel.  Our therapists are highly trained and specialise in various treatments. We cater to the modern, refined woman or man who agrees that self-care should be a guilt free, indulgent experience!  We are redefining the salon experience, visit us and see for yourself. 


At #WELLGLAM you’ll never have to worry about hygiene or standards of practice again! Your only focus at our salon should be on relaxation and indulgence.  We will take care of the technical aspects of your service so you can kick back and enjoy being cared for and treated to an indulgent experience like never before!


 Our carefully created service menu is complimented by some of the best products in the world, to offer you lasting beauty treatments that are kind to your skin and the environment!

We do more than just pretty nails and beautiful skin, your wellness and experience is an important aspect of our service!



Pressed for time? Undelayed services include a hot towel treatment, hand moisturiser on tap, cuticle care and amazing service with expert precision in a timely fashion.


Your safety and comfort are our number one priorities. We ensure hygienic methods and a salon free of toxic fumes, products and dust! We adhere to best practice within our industry and our protocols are designed with staff and client wellness in mind.

Rest assured, after every service, all equipment, work surfaces and tools are cleaned, disinfected and/or sterilised with hospital grade disinfectant and high heat sterilisation.


We have a ‘first do no harm’ ethos. All of our products are cruelty free. Our services include Hot Stone Massage, Pedicures, Waxing and organic  threading, Nail Enhancements, facials and spa treatments.  Your nails are treated with care to ensure they do not hurt or suffer any damage! 
For hair removal, we use award winning, gluten free, vegan wax renowned for being virtually pain free! You can rest assured that your beauty does not cost the earth!

Our therapists are highly skilled and enjoy creating an indulgent experience for you.


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  We choose our products consciously; you’ll never find a product that has been tested on animals in our salon and we endeavour to use environmentally friendly practices & products.


We only use trusted products from reputable suppliers. Our award winning, professional products are developed and tested by chemists and scientists to ensure they are safe, durable and of a high quality. We stock and use some of the best products worldwide and encourage the use of high quality, low allergen, vegan and cruelty free products.